Missed Call Alert

Missed call alert service is a great tool for business promotions and instant lead generation which helps audience to get useful information which they are looking for at no cost, its good choice to get maximum calls from the large number of audience in short time with low telecom resources.

txtUno Miss Call Alert Features

  • URL Forwarding ( API )
  • Email Forwarding
  • Auto Reply Text SMS
  • Call Back
  • Customized Thanks Message

How Missed Call Alert can help your Business

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction.
  • Improved Revenues.
  • Promotional Opportunity.
  • Support for Multiple Business Models.
  • Cost Saving.
  • Wider Choice for Subscribers.
  • Assured Caller Line Identification.
  • Automatic Provisioning with Opt- Out Option for Subscribers.
  • Improve customer experience and reduces churn.
  • Improved productivity for business users.
  • Allows the subscriber to identify important calls.
  • Assurance of not missing an important call.
  • Speed of deployment to satisfy the most demanding customer.
  • Real-time call monitoring capabilities of the platform.
  • Support for customizable alert message notifying the reason (busy, out-of-coverage) for loss of call.
  • Sends alert SMS to called party and calling party.
  • Pulling missed call history – by using SMS or WEB request.
  • Detailed usage reporting on service usage.