Long Codes

Long code (LC) is a 10 digit number. As the name “Long Code” clearly depicts, this number is available on the mobile network with sim which is hosted on SMSC CENTER’s Platform & this number is integrated to the application. This is also work as short code but number is lengthy than short code but it can be made easy to host premium number which is easy to remember. This is cost effective coz when someone send sms on same long code number then normal sms traffic applicable to send sms on this number from the sender’s operators.

Long codes are also used for retrieving some content, voting on TV programs, interacting with a help menu, listening to mobile radio, and a host of other services. Telecom operators, VAS service providers and TV channels to reach customers easily.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Global reach.
  • Gives the information as per the demand.
  • Web based interactive interface to manage real time.
  • Auto reply Message. *Conditional
  • Customize welcome message as per your requirement.
  • Create unlimited sub keywords
  • Set sms alert against on each received request (SMS FWD) (its chargeable SMS)
  • URL Forward option by GET/ POST method to respond customize message dynamically ( URL FWD/ HTTP API)
  • Customize response using .CSV file without developing own program with DB to send customize response to end user.