txtUNO Web sms is easy, flexible dynamic & user friendly application for sending and receiving Bulk SMS from any internet enabled system in easy clicks. Whether sending a single message or a campaign of millions, our web SMS application provides a reliable, safe and uncomplicated SMS solution. Web Sms is becoming Popular because of its many advantages one being of its accessibility across the globe.

txtUNO Web SMS Service Features

  • Create & manage your own groups to send Bulk SMS.
  • Send Bulk SMS from csv or notepad files.
  • Send thousands of customized SMS directly from csv or notepad files.
  • Generate multiple series & send Bulk SMS to any particular operator/circle.
  • Send SMS in Multi regional languages (E.g. Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, Urdu etc.)
  • Send Flash SMS (Flash message is a kind of SMS which directly displays on end users mobile according to mobile set compatibility.)
  • Send SMS at Scheduled time for Post Delivery (Schedule SMS can be used to set Reminders, Send Wishes, Important Updates, Meetings, etc. automatically at your customized date or time.)
  • You can add & manage your own Templates of 1000 Characters (Template is a predefined SMS which you can select from the list while sending SMS so you do not need to type same message every time.)
  • You can manage your profile settings (you can choose & update the color theme of the GUI from the available list of themes. You can also select the desired resolution from the list as per your requirement.)
  • Set Low Balance Alert (Get SMS Alert / Email on registered Mobile Number/ Email Id as soon as your Account reaches the limit specified by you. If no limit defined by you then the default limit is 1000 SMS.)
  • Get detailed Smart MIS Report Year wise, month wise, date wise & hour wise.