HLR Lookup

txtUno Provides Home Location Register is a service that determine the home country and the home network of a mobile subscriber. It can also be used to find the current country the subscriber is roaming in right now. The service basically supports all GSM networks around the world.

What is an HLR Lookup?

With the emergence of Mobile Number Portability, cell phone subscribers can now keep their number when they change carriers.

The data it contains is remotely accessed by all the MSCs and the VLRs in the network and, although the network may contain more than one HLR, there is only one database record per subscriber – each HLR is therefore handling a portion of the total subscriber database.

The subscriber data may be accessed by either the IMSI or the MSISDN number. The data can also be accessed by an MSC or a VLR in a different PLMN, to allow inter-system and inter-country roaming.